Past patients, please feel free to e-mail comments about your experiences with Umer Physio and we will be happy to post                           them here for potential future clients to see. 

Thank you! Your feedback is greatly appreciated! 


Some testimonials from patients

I was a patient of Mr Umer at National Hospital. I found him extremely competent and thorough in his work as physio.
I recommend him to any one.
Wish great success to Umer.

Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari

Chairman KASB Group,



Umer is a gifted physiotherapist. He is dedicated to the field, not only is he knowledgeable and skill full, he is also very kind and caring. He is wonderful with the elderly demonstrating patience and gentleness. He has a wild range of skills from children with developmental problems, to the aged with strokes.

I am very grateful to Umer  for his excellent work with my father.

Dr. Shehla Baqi

Associate Professor


Karachi, Pakistan


For the last so many years I had a lower back pain. This back pain aggravated to sciatica pain which radiated into my right leg. After, magnetic resonance imaging and examination by neurosurgeon , I was referred  to Umer-physio. I went through various exercises and treatment like ultrasound under the supervision of Umer-Phyhsio. Now I can say that my pain is gone. Umer Physio, dealt the problem I had for so many years marvelously in complete professional manner. I hope that he will continue his services for physical rehabilitation of patients in similar fashion.


Irfan Ismail

Additional Director

State Bank Of Pakistan


We, the Parents of Muhammad Shehryar Mirza would like to express our Gratitude and Thanks to Umer  Khan for the love, caring and professional therapy he has been providing to our son who is a patient of Muscular Dystrophy.
Umer Khan has been helping our son since the last 6 years and it is because of his positive attitude, assurances and the Grace of Allah that our son is otherwise a healthy boy.

With our best wishes,


Taimur and Patricia Mirza,

Building 28, GF-3
Sea view Apartments,
D.H.A, Phase 5 Extension.,


I was suffering with Frozen Shoulder, I took all the remedies usually prescribed for shoulder inflammation, I also tried traditional remedies such as heat packs and ultrasound, but they all gave me partial or temporary relief. By now I was thinking about when I stumbled upon a professionally exercises program by Umer Physio that helped me recovery times significantly. My Shoulder is pain free now and have flexibility and full range of motion restored,  so I decided to set up this page to help fellow
sufferers get rid of their problem by sharing what worked so well for me.

Avoid wasting months or years in misery with pain and drugs. There is no need to put up with that.

Check out & Contact Umer Physio how to recover fast and permanently in few weeks.



Aamir Murtaz Kataria.

F.B. Area, Karachi.

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