Physiotherapy & Sport injury Clinic


Physiotherapy is a drugless form of treatment which doesn’t have any side effects because it utilizes only physical agents for treatment.


Do  you  have  aches  and  pains  associated  with  low back   pain,   arthritis  and  shoulder  injuries?  Are  you tired of spending  another  moment living in discomfort and  suffering  silently  as  the  pain  worsens? Look no further,  because   everything  you've  always  wanted to relieve   discomfort   and   live   pain   free   is   here   at  Umer Physio Services.  We   are   passionate   about patient  care,  and our 10 years of experience proves it.




Special services at Umer Physio's Clinic Trigger Points Therapy, Mayo-facial Release and Sports Massage( Back and Neck Only)


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