Work Related Injuries
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One type of work related injuries are commonly known as 'repetitive strain injuries' and these can present themselves in a variety of patterns. The onset of symptoms is related to the repetitive nature of the person’s activity. Most people will have heard of ‘tennis or golfer’s elbow ‘ and these are prime examples of a tendon overuse syndrome.

For example a keyboard operator or violinist may develop pain in any of the following: tendons of the forearms/ tingling or numbness/ aching in the shoulders, upper arms and neck. A supermarket shelf stacker may complain of shoulder pain on overhead motion of the arm. Any repetitive motion involved in any work related activity can lead to this condition. It is important however to understand that it is often imbalances within the musculoskeletal system which are partially to blame.

In addition to providing pain relief, physiotherapy assessment seeks to find these imbalances and put them right. Exercise, ergonomics , joint and soft tissue manipulation and electrotherapy can all be of great benefit to RSI




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