Sport Related Injuries
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Acute sports injury or trauma will certainly cause pain. It may cause swelling, torn muscles, ligaments or even bony fracture. If management of your injury is not prompt and correct your recovery may be delayed and may even lead to a chronic problem. Rehabilitation following sports injury is extremely important to enable your return to full function and excellence.

Some acute injuries may require early intervention from an orthopaedic medical specialist and it may be necessary, with permission, to liaise with your GP and appropriate NHS or private medical consultant.

While many injuries do recover in a matter of 1 to 3 weeks some require a longer period of careful rehabilitation. For example if an athlete does too much too soon the weak, healing tissue can tear and create more pain, inflammation and scar tissue. Thereafter any repeated minor trauma can lead to development of a chronic problem. This is clearly something to be avoided.

Chronic injury is often the result of multiple contributory factors some of which have been mentioned above.

Successful recovery may require a complete assessment of your musculoskeletal system as a whole and of your strength, flexibility and training programme. Treatment may involve techniques to break down scar tissue, sports massage and electrotherapy for pain and healing alongside advice and a graduated exercise programme.

Nutritional advice can also be given as can sport psychology and visualisation techniques




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