Physiotherapy @ Home 

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Physiotherapy @ home can provide assessment, treatment and advice for adults of all ages for whom treatment in their own home is more suitable or convenient.

This includes providing treatment programmes to manage pain, maximise function and independence and regain confidence following:

  • Surgery including joint replacements

  • Fracture or injury including fractured hip and back pain

  • A fall

  • Illness or hospital admission

  • Stroke

  • General deterioration

We can also devise and deliver maintenance and rehabilitation programmes aimed at maintaining or improving movement and function, promoting comfort and easing the delivery of care for:

  • Long term neurological conditions including Parkinson's Disease
  • Chronic illness including respiratory and cardiac problems
  • Long term physical disability

We can offer advice and preventative programmes for:

  • Preventing falls
  • Maintaining physical function
  • Preventing complications associated with decreasing mobility
  • Specialist equipment



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